About us

Lynn started L & B in 1995 with children at her local school.

          Lynn and Betty then started an evening class at their local church hall where they had 10 members to start with. Betty then changed her roll to concentrate on child fostering.

         Neil then joined L & B as the DJ and they progressed rapidly having classes on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings and also a Friday morning class.

        They have taught in various locations across the world including weekend events in Scarborough and Tenerife and many more.

        L & B also do a massive amount for charity and have raised numerous amounts of money for various charities.

        Social events are also a massive part of L & B’s success and they often hold fantastic line dance and music nights with guest artists from all over the UK and Europe.

          L & B is growing daily and invites all new members with a big smile and open arms.

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